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The proof is in the pudding!

This Before and After picture is a perfect example of how an adorable puppy in a princess dress can be overlooked if not photographed correctly.

Our training videos can help you to achieve the heart-melting effect of the 'After' image.

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This will be a short fun course that will have you taking photos like a professional in a short timeframe
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Whether you are using your iPhone or DSLR camera, our training videos will take your photography game to the next level.

No laptop? Edit with your iPhone.

Captured images are only 90% ready for viewing, because as great as the poses, angles and lighting may be executed, the image could always do with a bit of brightening, intensity filtering or sharpening to produce the exact image you had in mind.

We are here to show you how to edit your photos quickly and easily to get A-list quality images without spending hours behind a screen.

Take a look at one of our sample editing videos using nothing but an iPhone.

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Pet photography goals

Instagram-worthy images for pet influencers

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We support Peggy Adams Animal RescueOperation War Dogs, AGA's Hounds & Heroes, Jupiter Golden Jubilee, Salty Dog Paddle and more.

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Who knew that investing in yourself would contribute towards the care of animals in need?

Together we can make the world a happy place for pets - and their humans!


"A friend recommended Vasi for professional pet photographs and she is amazing! I have beautiful portraits of my little girl. With Vasi's advice and encouragement, I began to experiment with colors, lighting, and even editing my own photos. I still thought I would never be able to take professional looking photos with my iPhone. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Vasi showed me how to take advantage of the features already included with my phone. I am so happy that Delilah’s photos brings joy to many of her followers."

Cathy N.
Delilah’s Mommy

"Vasi, I cannot thank you enough for all your help and ideas you provided. You are an inspiration and such a wonderful person. I have never met someone so nice and so patient. You have been such an Angel and sweetheart, and as we would say in German a „Schatzi“. Thank you, thank you for everything and all your help."

Birgit L.
Few Yorkie's Mommy

"Great Source of photography lessons. I enjoy learning how to take awesome pictures. Fun updates every week and always learn something new! I love it! Thank you for showing us all the tips and tricks that you learn at photography school for the fraction of the cost! 💝"

Diana D
Pet Business Owner

"Best place for tips and ideas for pet photos. "

Lynne T
Mommy of 6 Chihulalas

"Happiest tips & tricks for the best photos! Thanks WUV, Peaches Yorkie Peachy Girl LLC."

Claire S
Peaches Yorkie Peachy Girl LLC’s Mommy

"So interesting and fun! I look forward to seeing everyone's babies!❤️"

Jeannie S.
Mommy of 2 kitties and 2 doggies

Creative angles for outdoor photos

The opportunities for outdoor location shoots are endless.
Unfortunately not many people know how to take advantage of Nature to get the best quality photographs - let alone get their pets to sit still while they have all that wonderful terrain to play in!
Below is a sample video which provides practical advice for outdoor pet photography.
Here I show you how to let your pet enjoy himself in order to get your shots from creative angles, instead of coercing specific poses for visually-pleasing images!


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