Learn to take pictures of your pets like a pro using just your phone!

PetPix Academy is an online pet photography educational platform.

Everything from editing, lighting, building the perfect home studio to equipment on a budget. Transform your snapshots into long-lasting portraits with instruction from award-winning pet photographer Vasi Siedman.


I am Vasi. I have taken my years of experience photographing fur babies and condensed it in my courses or a monthly membership that offers you the most valuable tips, saving you time and effort, and not to mention hundreds of dollars on professional photography. I will show you how to overcome technical difficulties and how to edit your photos.  

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Learn to take and amazing and beautiful portraits of you and your fur babies. 

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Featured Programs


The PUParazzi School Masterclass is a recorded class with access to 6 hours of course material  Includes a comprehensive training manual, tips in real time, PLUS photos and editing techniques to achieve optimal results. 

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PUParazzi Monthly Membership

Learn to take great pet photos, photo phone editing, canva, equipment on a budget and so much more. PLUS learn how to use social media to grow your business using industry secrets.

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Stand out on social media

Monthly Membership

Learn to take great pet photos, photo phone editing, canva, equipment on a budget and so much more. Use social media to grow your business using these beauty industry secrets.

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Improve your pet pictures

School Beginner's Course is a recorded class with access, to 6 modules. Pupparazzi School is a comprehensive training manual, tips in real time regarding your photos and editing techniques to achieve optimal results. 

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Bring your Instagram to the next level.

In this course, you will learn innovative ways to attract more followers and grab the attention of pet brands. Live Zoom training and access to the replay.


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Create Perfect Home Studio on a Budget

Learn to build a simple home studio. In this class you are going to learn topics such as equipment, setting up your lights, lighting, backgrounds, floors, props, organizing and protecting from wrinkles your backdrops, and more.

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Unleash your creativity

Have all of your social media posts stand out simply with learning the art behind using Canva, designing interesting and innovating flyers, animation, and posts for facebook and instagram.

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Make your life easier with Lightroom

Desktop Adobe Lightroom is a powerful took to help you edit fast and efficiently your pet photos. Quick image editing, painting with light, manipulation individual colors, darkening eyes and more. P.S Lightroom for tablet will be covered as well.

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Start taking beautiful selfies

Learn to take beautiful selfies of you. Lighting, Posing, and editing. Short and very helpful course. Start loving your self-portraits every time when you press the button on your phone.

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We will be inviting pet influencer parents who are going to be sharing their steps to success and the challenges they faced along the way. You are going to meet top pet accessory/clothing designers, marketing/branding experts and so much more. Vasi will be sharing valuable tips on how to turn your 4 legged friend into a pet star with breathtaking photos and social media strategies



Vasi's Pro Gear

Capturing the "FUR PERFECT" pet portraits sometimes requires the use of equipment. You might explore different websites and feel overwhelmed by the options...then you wind end up spending a lot of $ on equipment that is not right for you.
📸 I want to help you and make it easy. I created a list of excellent equipment from Amazon on a budget.

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