#87 MisTricks & Chloe

Meet MisTricks and her amazing mommy Chloe.

MisTricks was only 5 weeks old when Chloe picked her up close to midnight in the middle of a pretty rough neighborhood. Chloe had graduated from Cornell University less than 5 days before.
When she graduated and unexpectedly won a big award at graduation she was caught off guard when interviewed after the ceremony by the Deans and Professors in their graduation garb. They asked her what she would do now that she had graduated. She had big plans to attend law school but instead she answered, “go home, adopt a puppy, and get my wisdom teeth out.”

That’s exactly what she did. Chloe maintains that rescuing MisTricks is the best thing she’s ever done. MisTricks is the girl who can do it all! Chloe & MisTricks are best friends and do everything together. MisTricks has traveled to over 30 states and 9 countries with Chloe. Chloe just graduated from UCLA law school in 2021 with the help of her trusty sidekick MisTricks. She’ll be working as a business litigator in Los Angeles, CA and can’t wait for MisTricks to continue being her assistant attorney at paw.

MisTricks also keeps her own busy schedule. She is a Pupfluencer who advocates to adopt not shop. She is also proud to be the Ambassadog for Bijou’s Law in California. Did you know that there is no law requiring pet groomers to be licensed in any state in the United States? Bijou’s Law hopes to change that. Beautiful fur baby Bijou, died during a routine trip to the groomer at a very well known pet store chain.  Now Bijou’s mom Rosemary is working to keep other furbabies from the same tragic fate.

Listen to this amazing podcast episode and join MisTricks and her amazing mommy Chloe in their journey.

Connect with MisTricks & Chloe:

website: https://www.mistricks.com
TikTok: @mistricks
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mistricksthedog
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/mistricks

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