#90 Meet Magnolia & her family

Magnolia, who lovingly goes by Maggie or Miss Mags, is a stunning lavender Frenchie who unfortunately was born without eyes. But don’t feel bad for her! She was rescued by an amazing organization called French Bulldog Village at 8 weeks old, when her breeder surrendered her, and was immediately taken into foster care by her foster mama Cindy and Olde English Bulldog brother Tator in North Carolina (and she is such a Southern Belle, to this day I swear!). When Orsha saw her photo on Instagram a few months later, she knew that the next chapter of her life was about to start. Because Orsha knew she was meant to be her baby girl.
Maggie’s mom applied.  Fast forward to now and she is living and loving her absolute best life in the Rocky Mountains beside Calgary, Canada, with frequent trips back to the ocean in British Columbia. Orsha and her husband chose to rescue a special needs pup in honor of their two Frenchie girls Anise and Clover, whom they lost tragically very young. They wanted to give a disabled dog an incredible life where every single day, no matter how many days there would be, was going to be filled with adventure as a tribute to them. And that is what they’re doing with Maggie! Whether she’s hanging with one of her boyfriends or many friends, modeling various clothing, dog accessorized and art brands, hiking (on longer trips she has a Baby Bjorn Orsha carries her, as she went from failure to thrive as a baby to a healthy 24 lbs, and ("she’s a bit heavy for my arms now!") or swimming in the ocean which she LOVES. Orsha and her husband call her MerMags because it’s like she was meant to be in the water. She is experiencing life to the fullest. She may not have eyes, but she sure is seeing with her heart. Her confidence, bravery, and determination, and just how CAPABLE she is, makes her heart so full that sometimes her mommy thinks it will burst. Orsha fully believes Maggie has rescued her and not  the other way around.
You can catch up with her adventures @missmagsthewonderdog, and Orsha is always happy to share their special needs rescue journey or to help pawrents (or those who might be considering becoming pawrents) of dogs with disabilities, especially those with visual impairments.

Connect with Orsha, Matt & Maggie:

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