#110 Miss Dior, The Pupfluencer, fashionista & Poochieparfum

POOCHIE PARFUM was born out of the unconditional love I have for the fur baby who burst into my life 3.5 years ago and stole my heart. Her name is Dior, Miss Dior, a Teacup Maltese. Dior was named after the beauty and couture house and thus it is not surprisingwould eventually create a fragrance in her honor. As a pup, Dior would snuggle against me. My fragrance rubbing off into her coat. I loved to smell her and would spray her with a water-based spritz I made from essential oils for her. I would regularly hear comments on how pretty she smelt. Having a background in public relations within the beauty and fragrance sector, I decided I needed to develop my spritz into a fragrance; one I could retailso others could enjoy their fur babies smelling beautiful too.POOCHIE PARFUMis made using essential oils and fine fragrances blended with quality natural ingredients. It does not contain any ‘nasties’, it is not tested on animals (except Miss Dior giving her paws up to the two scents), it is vegan friendly, kind to nature and Australian made. I am proud to announce that it does not contain any alcohol either as I discovered many other perfumes and spritzes do.POOCHIE PARFUM is a perfume for dogs (even though many pawrents of fur babies have claimed that they would wear it)and available in two scents: Champagne Kisses and Chic Beach.CHAMPAGNE KISSESA delicate, elegantly classic scent harmonised with soft florals and vanilla. Pawfect for the distinguished pooch.Subtle peony top notes and blended with sweet rose and followed by vanilla base notesCHIC BEACHA light refreshing and aquatic scent for the lively, spirited and joyful pooch.Citrus top notes and blended with green leaves and followed by patchouli base notes POOCHIE PARFUM is currently stocked in boutique dog stores in Australia as well as being available online.Lori-Rose McGinty, Creative Director

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