#112 Theo The Poodle Boy, GQ Dog Model


I am so excited to welcome back Theo.the.Poodle.Boy and his mom Louisa Burgio from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Learn more about Theo and how Louisa started his Instagram Account. They are an other PetPix Academy's Happy Story.

Photography is relatively new for Louisa so we discussed working together to develop an artistic language, fine-tuning her technical skills and training her eye toward taking photographs with a more professional polish.  “Working with Vasi, I'm learning to set up my shots with an endgame in mind. My feed posts are becoming more unified in relation to each other, and I am learning so much about lighting. Vasi is so patient and really helps you work through your photography issues. She teaches in such an upbeat way and really is very motivating. I’ve learned a lot and made new friends in her classes.”

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Connect with Theo.the.Poodle.Boy and his mom Louisa Burgio:

Instagram: @theo.the.poodle.boy


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