#118 The art behind Cartoon Portraits with Disneytized Petshop Part 2

Stephanie is an artist who runs the instagram account "disneytized_petshop." She transforms people's pets into cartoon characters using digital art software in a style that resembles the characters from 2D animated films.
Stephanie has always been a creative person and comes from a family of many artists (woodworker, photographer, cartoonist, needlefelter, creative designer for fashion, metalworker, jewelry maker, taxidermist, painter, musician, illustrator). She has always connected most strongly with other creative people. Stephanie's interest in drawing started when she was a child; she watched drawing tutorials every day on Mark Kistler's "Imagination Station" that aired on public television. However, as an adult, Stephanie studied law and social justice instead of art, as many people told her one could never support themselves financially with a career as an artist. It wasn't until the pandemic that she decided to start doing artwork again because it was something fun she could easily do from home, and, contrary to popular belief, she saw a demand for it.

Stephanie's 14 year old pug passed away last year, but she is now fostering a street dog that was rescued by the animal shelter at which she currently volunteers in Taiwan. Soon she will be bringing the dog back to the US to her forever home (Stephanie's parents want to adopt her!) She has been living abroad for the past 5 years in Australia, Vietnam, and Taiwan, and is finally returning home where she will continue to work remotely. She has two jobs at the moment - one is running her Instagram account where she does commissioned artwork including pet portraits, logos for pet businesses, and illustrates children's books starring people's pets. For her other job she does college counseling, where she helps foreign students apply to study abroad at US and UK universities. She also painted a few large murals this summer, which is something she'd never done before.

P.S. The Holidays are coming. A nice portrait might be great for your holiday card or to gift to someone:)

Connect with Stephanie from disneytized_petshop
Insta : @disneytized_petshop


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