#119 - The photogenic 4 legged family - Lore, Chester, Juniper & Xavin

Erin lives in Minnesota with her four dogs. She used to be known as the crazy cat lady and at one time had 7! Following a mental condition that sort of crept up out of nowhere, she suddenly had four dogs! Erin believes that dogs and mental health should go hand in hand. She got Lore first at 8 weeks(September of 2018)when her mental state was at its frailest. He gave her mind something else to think about rather than my anxiety. Having to care for this puppy gave me a purpose, she had to get out of bed and she had to take him outside. Erin believes that he saved her life. She got Chester in may 2019 also at 8 weeks(he is Lores brother from the next litter). He has the perfect temperament for being a ESDand Erin recently gathered all the info to make that happen. He goes with her to work and many other places and provides the comfort she needs. He even helps her swallow my medication! In Oct 2019 Erin saw Juniper on Facebook at a local shelter and arranged to meet her. It was love at first sight but it was between her and another potential adopter so Erin eagerly awaited that phone call. They chose her!! She is from a reservation in SD, very loyal and sweet to those she knows. She is a protector. She was approx 1 year old at that time. Xavin came with Erin's boyfriend when they moved in together in July 2020. Hes the old Man of the pack at 7. Very sweet, fiercely loyal. The other dogs seem a bit much to him at times but they are learning to peacefully cohabitate. Erin cannot imagine having a life without dogs! She still has one cat, tho. :)
Erin enjoys taking photos and running their instagram account. It is her hobby. She loves taking pictures of them, editing and making posts. When she scroll back, its crazy to see how much Erin's photography has improved!

Connect with Erin and her babies:


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