# 127 Belle Diva Couture & Janice Craig

In this podcast episode, you are going to meet Janice Craig from Belle Diva Couture. She lives in Charlotte, NC., and she is a mom of 2 very spoiled Yorkies, Greti, and Baby Girl. Janice is well known in the world for her amazing interior design and pet fashion design. Janice has many years of experience in residential and yacht interiors, but her true passion always has been pet fashion. She opened her company Belle Diva Couture, and she began as an offshoot of pet rescue work. Her beautiful creations have been featured on runways in New York, Chicago, Nashville, Charlotte, Asheville, NC, and Florida markets. She loves giving back to the pet rescue community.

Connect with  Janice:

Instagram: Belle Diva Couture

Facebook: Belle Diva Couture


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