#130 The Instagram journey of Simone, Léon & Théo

Simone Beaulieu-Albert is a 24 year old French Canadian who does her Masters Degree in Digital Marketing at Laval University. She is the mom of Léon a black pomeranian who is one year old and Théo a black and tan pomeranian who will turn six months in October. 

Their journey on Instagram began as an experiment in order to find a community manager internship. Simone therefore created a dog repost account in order to test analysis and graphic design tools without having to bother her subscribers with photos of herself every day. She wanted to understand the backdrop of the business side of Instagram. Over time, she created real connections and reached almost 10,000 subscribers on this account, which made her want to have a dog, although she was not allowed to have one in the building where she lives. It was therefore after having circumvented a few scams that Leon secretly arrived in his forever home. Who knew that Simone the little girl who was afraid of dogs now has two and that she wants to write her master's thesis on the influence in the world of pets. Like what we do not know what tomorrow is made of!

Connect with Simone, Léon and Théo:

Instagram : @leon_thepompom
The original repost account : @turkey__dogs

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