#146 The same Barking Beauty Pageant

In this episode I am so excited to introduce you to Leslie Hughes Kennedy. She is the Founder / National Director of the Barking Beauty Pageant - the original beauty pageant dogs since 2006 - now also offering online pageants for cats & exotic pets too!


Leslie Hughes Kennedy had 5 dogs in her life, a frog, a snake & an aquarium full of fish.

Her 3rd dog, a small sweet yorkie named SalliSue, was her inspiration to start the pageant & was her co-host until her death last March.

Leslie has now 2 Chihuahuas, Laverne & Shirley, both 1 1/2 years old.


Barking Beauty Pageant is currently hosting an online Festive Feline pageant - $25 entry fee - to benefit the winner’s favorite charity. The winner also receives a crown, banner, framed certificate & a variety of gifts from our sponsors.

The Denver Barking Beauty Pageant is coming up in May. The entry fornour live events is $110 & the contestants not only compete with a photograph, but also on stage in Activewear, Glamourwear & Talent, plus various optional competitions.


Connect with Leslie Hughes Kennedy from Barking Beauty Pageant

Website: BarkingBeautyPageant.org

Facebook: @The Barking Beauty

Instagram: @BarkingBeautyPageant


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