#152 Earn your badge with PupScouts

Susan Godwin is the Founder of PupScouts.Org. Tasha Bella is Susan‘s adorable fur baby.

I am so excited to welcome back Jennifer-jo Moyer who is an active member of the NYC dog scene. As the executive director of PupScouts.org, a past organizer of the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade and Dog Mom to the very fashion forward 3PEASPLUS1 her calendar is filled with dog events and she'd have it no other way.

PupScouts.org is an organization of dog parents who get together to have fun events and raise money for rescues. In between events we help our pups earn badges in secret groups on Facebook. Jennifer-jo Moyer's eldest dog, Meteor is one of the National Troop Leaders for PupScouts, which has several troops around the country. She has 4 Toy Poodles, Meteor (almost 15), Beanie 14, FiFiGiGi 13 and Sassy 11. All but FiFiGiGi were rescued or rehomed, which is very rewarding.

 Membership to PupScouts is $50 per family, not per dog. There is an on line FB troop for anyone who doesn't live near an in person troop.

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Facebo0ok page: https://www.facebook.com/PupScoutsOrg

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