#153 Welcome to Lola's and Pooch's World

Artist & celebrity pet lifestlyist Lola Teigland brings her Seventh Avenue design experience (Nipon & Dior alum) and storytelling skills (pro writer, 10+ years) to the world of dog and the people who love them.

"Fashion has the power to empower, to magically transform. It’s a source of genuine aesthetic creativity and personal self-expression. Its power to influence and rally can change the world. Dogs are the perfect bridge in our divided society, because both sides enjoy their magic. My goal is to amplify that. Maybe I’m an idealist, but I believe dogs can change the world."

During COVID, Lola converted a promaster cargo van into a tiny home, and she intends to use it to meet up with dogs everywhere, uniting her social media dog world with real life. The plan was to call ourselves “underdogs”, where ordinary pups find their superpower to help facilitate change in our world. Then Subaru also saw the joy and power in. that. So the name is still in flux.

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