#156 New Year, New Photography Style with Christi&Llily_the_tzu

We are very excited to welcome back Christine and her beautiful furry babies - Lily and London.  Christi has made a huge impact in the Petpix community.  Christine joined the Petpix membership at the end of 2019.  She very quickly demonstrated her passion for taking pictures of her furry girl Lily.  Christine was a Petpix admin for 2 years. We what to THANK HER for helping so many furry parents like herself, encouraging them that they can take outstanding pictures.  Christine won First place in her local photography competition.  We are very proud of her accomplishments.

Check Christi's episode 103: https://www.petpixacademy.com/podcasts/petpix-academy-with-vasi-siedman/episodes/2147601344

Connect with Christine:

Instagram: @lily_the_tzu

Facebook: @christine.crump.507

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