#157 PetPix Academy’s super star LeeAnn & her furry babies

LeeAnn is a pet Mom to 2 furry babies Yuki and Peanut.  Yuki is a 4 year old Maltese and Peanut is a 2 year old Morkie. Their mom enjoys taking walks with friends and her furbabies. LeeAnn has been with Petpix Academy for a year now and her growth is amazing. Yuki and Peanut's mom photos have improved so much. It is so incredible! LeeAnn won Petpix Academy mommy and me contest in May of 2021. 

So amazing to have LeeAnn being back in the show. 

Check episode 134: https://www.petpixacademy.com/podcasts/petpix-academy-with-vasi-siedman/episodes/2147633078

Connect with LeeAnn and her pups:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leeann.rolloff

Instagram: yuki_marie_maltese

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