Petpix Academy Pup Fashion Week Day 1 Ada Nieves & Julie Lancaster and MaryEllen Johnes

I am so excited to welcome you! Join and have fun with us! Day 1 Petpix Academy PUP FASHION WEEK!

We are so excited to celebrate our Grand Opening of Petpix Academy Pup Fashion Week! Special Thank you to the amazing and very talented Ada Nieves, Julie Lancaster and MaryEllen Jordan Jones and Wayne Jones for singing such an amazing song for us!

Thank you Cindy BethmanLynn LinaLeslie RiddleElaine Kaye WeissGladys Rivera Teri CarusoSabrina Fasana@Jodi Miller-Young Graciela Vidal Casas@christine and other special and wonderful friends! See you tomorrow!

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Join the FUN! The 5-Day Pup Fashion Week Virtual Event is open to everyone! It will be held on ZOOM. We encourage you to SIGN UP and join us live! This would give you an opportunity to enter into one of our CONTESTS and a chance to WIN a PRIZE. Not to mention a great opportunity to "get to know" better some of your favorite designers and see your friends!!! PetPix Academy Pup Fashion Week will be livestreamed as well. We hope YOU WON'T BE SHY and participate in one of the biggest virtual events of the year. Don't worry if you don't want to turn on your camera.... we know some of us are camera shy. BE A PART of the Fashion, Beauty and Elegance of the pet world 2022! Join top designers from around the world who will be showcasing their designs during this 5-day virtual event hosted on Zoom. There will also be amazing guest speakers! PetPix Academy Pup Fashion Week is open to everyone to come and celebrate the Fashion, Beauty and Elegance of the pet world 2022. 

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Special thank you  for the generous gifts: 

Off The Cuff Stuff for Pets Auction - Julie Lancaster

MaryEllen’s Designs - MaryEllen Jones

Maison de Woof & MdW Design - Susan McGuire

Dog Mom Lifestyles - Jocelyn Mizrahi Henderson

Cover Magazine by COVERDOGS

C’Mimi - Jan Ben

Lili Pope Designs - Lili Pope 

Erin Wilderman 

Disneytized Pet Shop - Stephanie Maas

La FLORA Fashion - Sabrina Fasana

Lola  and Pooch - Lola Teigland 

Dope Dog 

Gia Diamond Couture - Gladys Soto



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