WHO WILL BE THE NEXT CADBURY BUNNY? Visit : https://bunnytryouts.cadburyusa.com ⭐️⭐️Meet Reese⭐️⭐️ https://bunnytryouts.cadburyusa.com/en-us/Detail/08275a0b-186f-4b28-b5fa-87dbca29068e?Gallery=Gallery Reese, who is now a top 10 Finalist for the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts has always dreamt of being the next Cadbury Bunny. So much so it was the inspiration for his video submission and where all the magic happened and it all came together. But he will get to that part.. He and his family love Cadbury eggs so much and they look forward to every Easter seeing them arrive on the shelves. Reese's Mom had an idea for his photo submission right away and then the search was on to find what she needed and get it all put together. First step was finding a small wheelbarrow and assembling all of those delicious Cadbury eggs (finding people to eat them, that was the easy part!!) Reese loves having his picture taken so the photo was taken in a flash. Next was waiting to see who the Cadbury judges chose for their top 20 semi finalists. When the email arrived she couldn't believe it was true. Next was quickly developing her concept for the video submission stage. Reese does not mind wearing his bunny ears at all, so filming his clips again was no problem (especially when he knew he would get to go play fetch with her after) Reese's mom wanted to incorporate her photo idea into his story as well as his dream of being the next Cadbury Bunny. ( A little inside scoop, Reese doesn't really snore... so she recorded and used his sister Luna's snoring, but don't tell as she will not be impressed) Reese wanted to highlight all the things a good Cadbury Bunny would "need to know" and of course his dream of eating chocolate since dogs can't have any. She added a nod to the original Cadbury commercial with the clucking which wakes Reese from his dream ..or did it? Go to https://bunnytryouts.cadburyusa.com where you can see all 10 finalists and their video submissions and vote for your favorite! The winner will win $5000 and the opportunity to be featured in a commercial. Reese would like everyone to just go and vote as Cadbury is donating $5000 for every 5000 votes up to $20,000 to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) , how amazing is that! Visit : https://bunnytryouts.cadburyusa.com Connect with Vasi ( Vasilena) from Petpixacademy.com